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The Hitokiri Battousai Really There

Samurai X has the original title Rurouni Kenshin is a manga and anime work of Nobuhiro Watsuki who belongs to the begining of the Meiji era in Japan.
It turns out the story of Samurai X is taken from a true story in Japan. In fact almost all the characters are drawn from ancient Japanese historical figures. Here will be reviewed the figures and stories that exist in the anime Samurai X.

Genzai Kawakami


The figure is used as a model of the character Kenshin. Genzai Kawakami is one of four Hitokiri (cold-blooded killer) in the Bakumatsu (Japanese revolution), the appearance Genzai Kawakami is a taciturn figure, has a small body size and not high, and had long hair. People who first see it often mistakenly think she is a woman (maybe that is the point resemblance to Kenshin).
In the era of revolution is a figure of Japan's Kawakami Jyoi advocates. He became famous after successfully killing an idealist and a great thinker Shakuma Shouzan. Sakuma has advanced the notion that for Japan to open itself to foreign influences, especially the west. This is what makes him an easy target for radical movements who wanted Japan to remain pure and free from contamination of foreign influence.

After killing shakuma shouzan, Kawakami genzai put into prison and finally released after the Meiji restoration. But apparently a new era of Meiji government agrees with the concept and vision of shakuma, that to get ahead of Japan should open up to foreign influence and learning of foreign technologies, but still spirited Japanese. 
This makes kawagami genzai all-out against the Meiji government, he did not want to see the outcome of the struggle of teman2nya jyoi group who had died so in vain. Kawagumi penganggu figure who had become a scourge to the Meiji government, and in year 4 meiji or exactly 1871 AD he was arrested and the cut off.

Hitten Mitsurugi Ryu
Kenshin's deadly technique was also adopted from Kawakami's stance Genzai Shiranui Ryu who has a great flow of this stream is created by itself. Kick his sword is unique: like Kenshin, directed right foot forward, knees slightly bent, bend your left leg while the knee hits the ground / floor. Once cut down with his right hand, then finished the opponent.

Sakabatou Shinuchi

Nobuhiko Watsuki author Rurouni Kenshin said that in the history of Japanese sword used by Kenshin is really never used one and a samurai, but TS have not found the appropriate reference sources for the existence of this sword. At present many swords made ​​Sakabatou replication, although usually sharp but only serves to display it because it does not meet the standards of a katana ...

Saito Hajime (February 18, 1844 - September 28, 1915)

In the anime Rurouni Kenshin story there is a character named the captain Saito Hajime 3 Shinsen group, and Hajime Saito was a figure who is real and it never lived in those days, all told in the anime and manga Rurouni Kenshin about Hajime Saito nearly everything except the story is a true story with Kenshin and Sishio Makoto.
As a member of the Shinsengumi Saito is known as a closed and mysterious. He is not someone who is easy to talk to, its original position in the Shinsengumi are as fukucho jokin (deputy commander). Its main duties are as coach of kenjutsu and sometimes served as a spy.
Hajime Saito has a very lethal moves, ie moves one blade of her left hand and this makes it the strongest in the Shinsengumi with Okita and Nagakura. Saito kill many corrupt members of the Shinsengumi as Kashitarou Itou, Takeda Kanryuusai and others. After the Meiji restoration, Saito worked as a policeman in Tokyo and changed its name to Fujita Goro. Doi also worked at Ochanomizu University until he died of colon cancer in 1915 in the age of 72 years.

Souji Okita (1844 - Juli 19, 1868)

One more character in the anime series Rurouni Kenshin are the characters taken from the real story is Soujiro Seta. Seta Soujiro character was created by a member of the Shinsengumi samurai, the first captain named Shinsen group Okita Souji.
Shinsengumi member Okita Souji is the most popular, at a very young age he mastered a variety of sword techniques are reliable, and at the age of 15 years he has become an accomplished samurai. The sword that he uses is Kikuichi Narimune (in the anime Rurouni Kenshin uses this sword to fight the last fight against Kenshin).
Okita's best-known as an expert sword is owned by the Shinsengumi. Unfortunately, at the age of 20 he was stricken with acute tuberculosis. Okita disease starts when the event is known Ikeda-ya. In the event Okita Ikeda-ya look who collapsed while he was not exposed to enemy attack. Then after the war he entered the hospital Boshin in Edo and died at the age of 25 year.

Toshizo Hijikata ( Mei 31, 1845 - Juni 10, 1869) 

The figure is used as a model of character Shinomori Aoshi is a deputy commander of the Shinsengumi. This is in contrast to the position as a leader Oniwabanshu Shinomori Aoshi manga or anime in-nya.Sepertinya Watsuki (the author of Samurai X) have modified this figure to the extreme.
But it is true that history always wear Kodachi Hijikata (a pair of twin swords, a kind of long blade). And unique Hujikata is also one of the highly respected fighter in the history of Japan by using a typical kenjutsunya Shinsengumi-Kenjutsu "fighting style of Ryu Tennen Rishin.
Hijikata died in the battle of Hakodate and until now did not know where he is buried in grave warnings but we can see in the near Itabashi Station, Tokyo

Sanosuke Harada (1840 - Juli 6, 1868)

Watsuki (Author Samurai X) was really a big fan of the Shinsengumi. Sagara Sanosuke character he created by the team captain 10 Shinsengumi, Harada Sanosuke ie.
Harada Sanosuke Chugen born of the lowest caste of samurai families. He was trained in the use of spears with Hozoin-Ryu Style .. (Almost like Sanosuke in the anime / manga that uses Zanbatto Sanosuke a big sword .. it loh). Historically, Harada Sanosuke Sagara Sanosuke very similar. Liked to fight, quick-tempered and very like a duel. His favorite weapon is the spear. Before he joined Kondou, Harada is the servant of some person bushis (samurai), and the status that is the weak point at the time. However, he really took care of the majikannya.Dan bushis Sanosuke Harada died in the Battle of Boshin.

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